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Wireless Keyless Access Control Security 

ELIKA Wi-Fi Link

Have the ability to make changes and monitor your ELIKA system at anytime. Through the Wi-Fi Link you are able to connect to an existing home or business internet connection. 


View live video, add new users, set notifications, and much more all through your smart device from anywhere in the world!



Using the newest Bluetooth technology through the ELIKA BLE App, use any smart device to grant you access. Assign user names and passwords for guests. Once they get in proximity of the system, their mobile device will be recognized. 


View all history of incoming and outgoing visitors, add or delete codes, and manage multiple systems, all in one app.  


NFC (near field communication) uses the existing technology on your phone to give you the fastest connection possible. Tap your phone to ELIKA to get immediate access.


Through the app you are able to set usernames and passwords, as well as limit or restrict access to all incoming visitors.  


This keyless and remote-less entry Car App will integrate into most new cars, tracking when you are close and granting you access to the garage door or gate.


Program the app through your car's dashboard and set at what distance you must be, before  the garage door or gate automatically opens. 

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