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With the patented ELIKA Car Link, your vehicle grants you access into your property. The App links to your car's dashboard and instantly knows when you are near your ELIKA system and automatically opens the door or gate, even before you arrive.

How It Works

This keyless and remote-less patented Car App will integrate into latest car models, tracking when you are close and granting you access to the garage door, barrier, or gate.

Program the app through your car's dashboard and set at what distance the car must be, before the garage door or gate automatically opens. 

Open the app and set the functions. Set the radius of the app to grant you access when you are in proximity.

 This will allow your gate or door to open, before you arrive at your property.

Download the ELIKA app to your smart device. Your car will have the ability to open the ELIKA app on the dashboard.


Car Dashboard

Display all the information regarding your Elika system. Make all changes from your car's dashboard.

No Remote Needed

No clicker, no problem. Connecting your car does not require you to have a radio reciever and transmitter.

Access Granted

Your car will grant you access when it comes into proximity of the Elika system.




ELIKA systems are built with the latest technology available. With remote firmware and software updates, your Elika System will always be running on the latest technology.

We invest a lot of efforts to make this solution secure. We adopt industry security standards of encryption that banks and military use.

ELIKA is built to outlast its warranty. Using only the best materials and hardware on our systems, we provide you with a long lasting, quality product. 

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