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elika access link, wifi security system, wireless network access control, keyless entry system

Download the ELIKA app from the app store. Pair Smart Device  to ELIKA system and follow easy onscreen intrstuctions 

Connect your Elika system to your home or business WiFi router  

Start programming and using your Elika System from anywhere in the world .


Manager Mode

Control who is allowed into your property. View all past history. Control how your HD video camera records. Manage all aspects of ELIKA.

Motion Sensor

Detects all incoming visitors, before they even knock your door.

Time Zones for Users

Give access codes to utility works, laborers, and friends. Then assign at what time and on what dates they can use those codes.

Cloud Storage

Optional cloud storage allows you to record all the HD videos you wish.

Easy Programming

Do all initial programming of your system through the web. No software download needed.


Get pop up notifications of access granted, access denied, and many more. 


ELIKA systems are built with the latest technology available. With remote firmware and software updates, your Elika System will always be running on the latest technology.


We invest a lot of efforts to make this solution secure. We adopt industry security standards of encryption that banks and military use. 


ELIKA is built to outlast its warranty. Using only the best materials and hardware on our systems, we provide you with a long lasting, quality product. 

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Most homes and offices  have  WiFi. Just connect your Eilka Access System to a WiFi Access Point wirelessly and you are ready to use your  system from anywhere in the world. Program your system to have a two way video convesation and allow or deny access all from a smart device without needing to install another box for interface conversion.

How It Works

Control your gates and doors even when you are thousands of miles away

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