Connect instantly through the ELIKA NFC link. Tap your smart device on the top antenna to grant access.

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How It Works

NFC (near field communication) uses the existing technology on your phone to give you the fastest connection possible. Tap your phone to ELIKA to get immediate access.


Through the app you are able to set usernames and passwords, as well as limit or restrict access to all incoming visitors, laborers and others, all with history and event logs, including many other unique features.

Locate the NFC feature on your smart device. Not all devices have this feature. Check with the manufacturer of your phone for further details.

Download the ELIKA app from the app store. Permit access to your smart device or any others you wish to give access to.

Get your smart device as close as you can to the ELIKA system. With NFC there is no delay in connection. 

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Manage Multiple Systems

With the app, you can view and control multiple systems all at once. 

Restrict/Grant  Access

Allows you to create one-time use or permant codes for guests.

View All History

Wondering who has come into the property? Viewing past transactions is possible in the ELIKA app.

Pair Your Device

Pair your smart device to the ELIKA Link once. It will automatically recognize it after the first time.

Unlimited Users

No need to limit how many users you want coming in. Add as many as you need.

Add/Delete Users 

Add new guests or residents easily. Once you are ready to delete them, use the ELIKA app to do so. 


ELIKA systems are built with the latest technology available. With remote firmware and software updates, your Elika System will always be running on the latest technology.


We invest a lot of efforts to make this solution secure. We adopt industry security standards of encryption that banks and military use. 


ELIKA is built to outlast its warranty. Using only the best materials and hardware on our systems, we provide you with a long lasting, quality product. 

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Irvine CA 92618
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