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Coming Mid 2024



Revolutionizing the way keypads and access control systems are designed, the Elika 76 creates the biggest impact on the market today. Guests will have a pleasant interaction with its stainless steel back-lit key pad and 2 line character display. Control your gate remotely from anywhere in the world with the Elika App. Featuring new and exciting technology, the Elika keypad will have built-in BLE keys, making your mobile device your access key. No more need to have your guests or tenants enter codes on the keypad. Send them Smart Keys through the app and they will have access instantly.


No Software Installation Required

The Elika 2101 Access Control System doesn’t require a separate  installation of a complicated software package. Our web based management application will allow you to log on from any computer or smart device from anywhere to access and program your system. You will be able to add or delete users, create event reports, check connection signals, watch recorded HD videos, allow your tenants to have two way Video conversations from their smart device remotely, grant/deny access and a host of other unique and user friendly features, Elika is the choice for both tenants and property managers. 

You are no longer bound by wires and software, you have the freedom to simply and remotely and wirelessly manage multiple systems from anywhere.


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No software installation required! With Elika, you can enjoy our user-friendly web based management application, on any computer or smart device. Simply log on and you will be able to add/delete users, view event image capture and more, from anywhere in the world! 


We are leading the industry with the amount of storage for telephone entry systems. Elika’s internal memory includes up to 10,000 users/codes as well as 100,00 history events, plus unlimited cloud storage with the Elika Cloud. No more add-ons and most importantly no more compromising.


Using the latest Bluetooth technology, the ELIKA Bluetooth App uses your smart device to grant access.  BLE codes are unique to each user and cannot be duplicated.


This will allow you to add any external device that uses Wiegand format. Weigand credentials are trackable and can be seen through the history log.


With technology always steering towards convenience, the Elika Bluetooth app allows you to grant access via your smart phone. With this technology you can now send virtual keys to your guests with access zone limits, all through your smart device. 

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