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With the fresh, modern and easy to use Elika 460 you can have functionality and design all in one. No touch, no problem you can now enter via Bluetooth access on your mobile device.

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Cloud Management 

Cloud Management 

Your Telephone Entry and Access Control needs are now easily accessible, user-friendly, all in a web-based cloud management program.  You can access it from anywhere on the planet using a smart device connected to the internet.

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Cell & VoiP

Your choice of wireless connectivity. With a fully reliable connection,  choose from 2 available models Cellular or VOIP (Voice Over IP) Connected via an ethernet cable or local Wi-Fi connection.

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Modern Design

With a modern and fresh design, the Elika 460 is sturdy, made of die-cast aluminium with phenomenal durability to mother nature. The Elika 460 is offered in 4 different colours (Silver, White, Gunmetal, Bronze).  

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BLE Connectivity 

 With the Elika 460 app, you can now grant yourself access or assign Bluetooth access to friends, family, vendors etc. Bluetooth codes given to each device are unique to each user and may not be duplicated



No software installation required! With Elika, you can enjoy our user-friendly web based management application, on any computer or smart device. Simply log on and you will be able to add/delete users, view event image capture and more, from anywhere in the world! 


We are leading the industry with the amount of storage for telephone entry systems. Elika’s internal memory includes up to 200,000 users/codes as well as 100,00 history events, plus unlimited cloud storage with the Elika Cloud. No more add-ons and most importantly no more compromising.


         Wireless choices to choose from:

              1. Cellular

2. VoIP  (Ethernet or Wi-Fi).


Using the latest Bluetooth technology, the ELIKA Bluetooth App uses your smart device to grant access.  BLE codes are unique to each user and cannot be duplicated.


Infrared lights allow you to capture pictures even at night. Pictures then cloud be download from the Elika Cloud history.

IP 65 rated enclosure with stainless steel keypad. Tested and proven reliable in the most extreme weather conditions.


Shown In Gunmetal Color

Available Now


Elika's Cloud doesn't require a separate installation of a complicated software package. Our web-based management application will allow you to log on from any computer or smart device from anywhere to access and program your system. You will be able to add or delete users, create event reports, check connection signals, download captured images, allow your tenants to have two-way conversations from their smart device remotely, grant/deny access and a host of other unique and user-friendly features, Elika is the choice for both tenants and property managers. You are no longer bound by wires and software, you have the freedom to simply and remotely and wirelessly manage multiple systems from anywhere.

The Elika App

With technology always steering towards convenience, the Elika Bluetooth app allows you to grant access via your smart phone. With Elika's BLE technology  Once you are within proximity of the system and even without removing the device from your pocket, the Elika systems will recognize the BLE smart key and access will be granted. Access control of your property has been simplified in one solution. For instance, a club house on your property is rented by a resident for an event, with one touch, you can latch the door or gate to remain open for the duration of the event With the Elika app you can provide one-time only keys, scheduled keys with start/end time, to residents or guest all from Elika's web cloud application.

bluetooth openner, bluetooth garage remote, bluetooth gate openner, remote garage door openner, remote gate openner
bluetooth openner, bluetooth garage remote, bluetooth gate openner, remote garage door openner, remote gate openner


Available Mid 2024

Elika 2101
Elika 2101-L
Elika 92
Elika 918
Elika 722
Elika 460
Elika 1101
Elika 1101-L

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