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Goodbye Phone Lines!

It's no shock that today, many communities and businesses are deciding to drop their outdated telephone lines for newer, more robust services offered through cellular or VoIP systems.

According to San Fransisco Business Times, the popular phone company AT&T is pushing a bill in the California legislature that would allow it to phase out landlines starting in 2020 if there is an alternative, like cell phones, available to customers. Bill sponsor and San Jose Assemblyman, Evan Low told a CBS affiliate KPIX that the bill will help the company cut costs by ending maintenance on expensive copper wires and routing stations, while making sure customers are still connected. AT&T estimates about 4.5 million users in California still have landlines, though.

“The plain old telephone system known as pots is rapidly approaching irrelevance,” said Low “We’re modernizing with the times. We liken this from going to analog to digital."

But, do these newer technologies work with telephone entry systems? Thanks to Elika Access Systems you now have the best option to cut those wires. As you may know, traditional phone lines utilize copper lines, which are vul

nerable to outages. Not to mention, since traditional phone lines depend on dial up, the connection is slower than other services.  With advances in technology, entry systems are thoughtfully designed to work with many different types of communication services. The most popular services include cellular and VoIP, but what is the main difference between the two? 

- Cellular: A cellular network or mobile network is a communication network where the last link is wireless. The network is distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver, but more normally three cell sites or base stations.

- VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): A newer communication service that takes analog audio signals, like what you hear when you talk on the phone, and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

All this being said here are some main reasons to make the switch:

  • Easy installation, no trenches to dig for your copper phone lines

  • Faster connection and better communication

  • Is the safest telephone option because there are no wires to be destroyed in natural disasters or outages *

  • Enables your telephone entry system to be controlled remotely using the Elika Cloud

  • Everything is ready to go out of the box

* If going with the cellular option or wifi on VoIP

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